Immerse yourself in a “Mykonos party in the multiverse” universe with this latest production for the official music video of DJ star Bob Sinclar ‘s latest track: ‘Digane’ ft. the great Sofiya Nzau !

The official video for AZKA‘s remix of Ilona Mitrecey’s “Un Monde Parfait” (“A Perfect World”).

Plunged into the head of a child imagining a colorful world devoid of hatred. An epileptic journey to a techno beat !

A new music video for Within Temptation

This second music video for Within Temptation is quite different from the first. An exaggeratedly violent style, mixing Comic books and Q. Tarantino influences, where a woman goes through various situations and decides to take revenge.

As always with this rock band, there’s a message behind this hilarious video.

Follow the tragic story of a young girl in a dark world as told by the famous band Within Temptation

An AI model has been created for each member of the group so that they can appear on screen. An unusual style was also produced, dark, surreal and fantastic.

Plunge into this dystopian universe, punctuated by guitar riffs and Sharon den Adel’s sublime voice.

Marc CERRONE needs no introduction.

Considered by many to be the inventor of disco music, we’ve created a music video just for him, recreating his world and integrating it into the image.

Get ready to dance and groove.